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About Us

At Relieffeel™, we aim to provide the absolute best in self-massage devices, hands supports and joints relief.
Our products are designed to save your joints, relax your muscle and give you better mood.
You probably wat to know our story :) 
Me and my dad.


My name is Med I’m 32 years old, I worked more than 6 years as Engineering Developer on behalf a big group in the US, I will tell about where the of creating Relieffeel is coming from.

I have been seen my father suffering from arthritis for almost 20 years now. In the beginning it was just a little soreness in fingers and knees, but with time the symptoms increased and multiplied by leaps and bounds. He began experiencing intermittent pain in the joints, ankle, back, fingers, hands, muscles, neck, and wrist. The pain in the fingers and hands were the worst. They really impacted his day to day life more than anything else. He was becoming handicapped. It was horrible to become so dependent on others at such a young age. 

In his younger years he has been a court stenographer. As soon as the arthritis symptoms appeared, he was forced to give it up. He tried other small jobs over the years, but arthritis ripped him away from the occupation that suited me most.

His Dr. referred him to a Rheumatologist who suggested the following:
* Hydrotherapy
* Stretching
* Massages
* Acupuncture

And many more diverse ideas. Some were more soothing and some were less, but that’s all they were. Soothing. During the hydrotherapy he blessed the instructor. he hasn’t felt so good in years! But that relief was short lived, as it only lasted for a short while, and later that day I was back to square one.

My mother and we (brothers) were all very worried about him. We didn’t stop suggesting different remedies they have head about:

* physical exercise 
* Weight loss
* Heating pad
* Ice packs
* Cold compresses

And he tried. He really did. He went through each of them. When it didn’t work, He gave it another chance and another chance. He was so desperate! 

I know very well my father, he is a big believer of natural, and therefore he didn’t try any medications. he doesn’t believe any of them would have helped anyways!

He was beginning to give up hope. He thought I was done for life, since any daily chore became so difficult. He didn’t like depending on others and being a burden on them.

Then a miracle happened. When my mother takes took him a to a very know massage salon, they have a very huge machine for each part of the body, but each seance cots a ton of money. & Wasn’t able to complete all the treatment.

This was really tough for me as I couldn’t help my father et see him struggling all the day. I was telling to myself, if the professional salon massage seance costs around $400 (& I totally understand their investment on big device), why not think about a portable & small thing for hands only. It was only a random idea as million of other in this big world. Okey Simon, imagine that you could do so, do you have enough budget! & answers are No!


I’m basically an engineer as you know, so it took me less time to learn how to design a prototype of what I’m thinking of. Hopefully, I always keep in touch with people, I’ve contacted one of my favorite teachers since we still friend, and asked him to help out setting up a first trial of the device prototype in his university lab.

I will not write too much about technical side of the story, but I remember the day when I validate my product and was ready for sell.

We focused a lot on how to make a great massage experience with a portable device, that can be used everywhere, by anyone (man or women). So far, the Relieffeel has shown a great result and we wish we continue providing a great alternative for those who looking for an ultimate hands pain solution.

My dad was my first client and was totally satisfied, I hope you do as he did. 




If you have any other questions, our team will be happy to help. Please reach out on: support@relieffeel.com

Thank you

Med! 💖